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Our Mission

Open Eyes is an awareness campaign that promotes the truth about our earth and informs the public of solutions to help. Our goal is to plant a seed of light to educate and inspire the human race. Open Eyes is a collective effort to save our planet and all of the life inhabiting it. 
Join us as we protect our future and make better choices to sustain the earth.

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We would appreciate your support with Open Eyes Foundation which is a 501c3 nonprofit. The idea is to post billboards across the United States educating people on ways to save our earth by getting the conversations started. The number one source of pollution, water waste and rain forrest destruction is factory farming. Also as animal lovers it is important for us to protect all animals as they are innocent and have no voice.

If you wish to donate but not for a tax write off please go ahead and make a donation here: 

If you wish to make a donation for a tax write off please email and let us know where we can email or mail the acknowledgement letter for a tax write off as we are a 501c3 and follow the paypal link or check directions below.  
Please make your donation via paypal or by credit card by clicking this link: Donate Now

Or you can write a check to:
(Please make the check out to 'Towards Freedom' and write 'Open Eyes' on the memo line)
Towards Freedom
PO Box 7806 Van Nuys, CA 91409


Gentle Thanksgiving Photo Competition

Congratulations to Stephanie @stracy1675 as the winner of the Gentle Thanksgiving Photo Competition!
Thank you for all the wonderful submissions. Happy to see all the love for our earth!

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